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in the press

Articles about film financing

  • Arūnas Karaliūnas. „Shining antiquities are stolen by foreigners." ("Lietuvos rytas", 2005.04.14)
  • „The Film Council is likely to loose the power of money dispensation." (ELTA, 2005.03.22)
  • Vytenė Stašaitytė. "Film financing started intrigues and poverty." ("Respublika", 2005.02.23)
  • Dalia Gudavičiūtė. „Money distributors fooled the English foundation." ("Lietuvos rytas", 2005.02.22)
  • „The guards of Ethics will try to find out if the money dispensation was correct." (BNS, 2005.02.22)
  • Vlada Kalpokaitė. „The sins of the film council: will the injections of ethics win over coruption?"("Respublika", 2005.02.22)
  • Jurga Petronytė. „Clerks change – Lithuanian cinema viewers starve." ("Vakarų ekspresas", 2005.01.29)
  • „PR serves as an aplication." ("Lietuvos rytas" ("Mūzų malūnas"), 2005.01.25)
  • „The Ministry of Culture is banning the filming of „Forest of the Gods." ("Lietuvos žinios", 2005.01.22)
  • „A film by K. Vildziunas got the biggest support from the state." (BNS, 2005.01.21)
  • „Film assets for year 2005 were distributed." (ELTA, 2005.01.21)
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