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Articles about "Forest of the Gods"

  • Audrone Jablonskiene. "Three women in the "manly" film by A. Puipa." ("Respublika". 2005.04.19)
  • „Forest of the Gods" is finished filming. (BNS, 2005.02.14).
  • Jurga Petronyte."I am proud to be compared to Scandinavian film makers." ("Klaipėda")
  • Gražina Juodytė."Illusions and reality in Medsedziai." ("Vakarų ekspresas", 2005.01.31)
  • Auksė Bogužaitė."The beauty of the forest lies in one tree." ("Vakarų ekspresas", 2005.01.29)
  • Daiva Rinkevičiūtė."Laughter trough tears in „Forest of the Gods". ("TV antena", 2005.01.29-02.04)
  • Karina Juodelytė. "A uniform helps Steven Berkoff to get into character." ("Klaipėda", 2005.01.24-30)
  • Renata Baltrušaitytė."Three kilometers from the sea." ("Veidas", 2005.01.20)
  • Aušra Pilaitienė. „Forest of the Gods" appeared in a small village." ("Lietuvos rytas", 2005.01.17)
  • Gina Kubilūtė. "Lithuanian and foreign stars in „Forest of the Gods". ("Klaipėda", 2005.01.10-16)
  • Virginija Lapienė. "Cinematographical Stuthof in „Forest of the Gods". ("Banga", 2005.01.15)
  • Remigijus Jurgėlaitis. „Forest of the Gods" will speak in the language of cinema." ("Kauno diena", 2005.01.15)
  • Dalia Gudavičiūtė. "Nazis‘ factories of death are rising in the fields of farmers." ("Lietuvos rytas", 2005.01.08)
  • Audronė Jablonskienė. "A.Puipa is hoping to create a black comedy." ("Respublika", 2005.01.05)
  • "Renascent cinema." ("Ekstra", 2005.01.02)
  • Milda Šeškuvienė. „Forest of the Gods" in the streets of Vilnius‘ oldtown." ("Laikas", 2004.12.31)
  • Rasa Pakalkienė. "Lithuanian cinema in Hollywood speed." ("Lietuvos žinios", 2004.12.23)
  • Milda Kuizinaitė. "An after war market was set in Vilnius’ Uzupis." ("Lietuvos rytas", 2004.12.22)
  • Vlada Kalpokaitė. "About the future film by A. Puipa: without promises." ("Respublika", 2004.12.21)
  • „Forest of the Gods" was started filming in Vilnius." (ELTA, 2004.12.20)
  • Auksė Bogužaitė. "Lithuanian national cinema is financed by.... English. ("Vakarų ekspresas", 2004.12.20)
  • Auksė Bogužaitė."Film set behind a barbered wire." ("Vakarų ekspresas", 2004.12.13)
  • "In a film – „Forest of the Gods". ("Vakaro žinios", 2004.12.08)
  • "The filmings of „Forest of the Gods" will start in the Capital." (ELTA, 2004.12.06)
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