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Articles about "Störtebeker"

  • Daiva Rinkevičiūtė. "In Lithuania - naval Robin Hood" („TV antena", 2005.05.14-20)
  • Vlada Kalpokaitė. "Copenhagen and Hamburg in Trakai" („Respublika", 2005.05.09)  
  • In Lithuania started shooting of film about legendary sea pirate. (ELTA, 2005.04.28)
  • Auksė Bogužaitė. "XIV century pirates are moving to seashore" („Vakarų ekspresas", 2005.04.18)
  • Beata Bukotaitė. "Sound of the battle can be heard again in the island of Trakai castle" („Lietuvos rytas", 2005.05.07)

Articles about "Forest of the Gods"

  • Audronė Jablonskienė. "Three women in the "manly" film by A. Puipa." ("Respublika". 2005.04.19)
  • „Forest of the Gods" is finished filming. (BNS, 2005.02.14).
  • Jurga Petronytė."I am proud to be compared to Scandinavian film makers." ("Klaipėda")


Articles about „Silence Becomes You"

  • Vlada Kalpokaitė. „S.Sinclaire discovered Lithuanian forests." ("Respublika", 2005.02.23)
  • Daiva Rinkevičiūtė. „A star without a Hollywood mask." ("TV antena", 2005.02.12-18)
  • Simona Jansonaitė. „Hollywood star lived in Lithuania incognito for a month. ("Respublika", 2005.02.02)


Other articles

  • Arūnas Karaliūnas. „Shining antiquities are stolen by foreigners." ("Lietuvos rytas", 2005.04.14)
  • „The Film Council is likely to loose the power of money dispensation." (ELTA, 2005.03.22)
  • Vytenė Stašaitytė. "Film financing started intrigues and poverty." ("Respublika", 2005.02.23)



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