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Filming in Traku Voke





"Silence Becomes You" 
IMS 3 LLP (Great Britain)
Baltic Film Group (Lithuania)

Director of "Silence becomes you" Stephanie Sinclaire

Mystical thriller, 2005.

Director, scriptwriter and producer - Stephanie Sinclaire

Director of Photography - Arturo Smith

Producer - Karl Richards

Co-Producer - Robertas Urbonas

Starring: Alicia Silverstone, Sienna Guillory, Joe Anderson, Vaida Butytė, Remigijus Bilinskas

The film tells a story of two sisters living in their childhood home - a strange, distant place detached from reality.

They meet a guy in a bar and bring him home on a dare.

Desire, love, jealousy and fear pierce the atmosphere of the house. The love triangle is always disturbed by a mystical shadow of the father.

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