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"The Mute"

"…hush! You already said all bad that you wanted to say!.."

If there’s good, the source of evil must exist as well.

What can say a mute, who came back home after many years?
It’s a story based on the novel of priest Juozas Tumas Vaižgantas, a story about evil, which is possible even between true friends.
It‘s a story about two fiends, who grew up together and were close like brothers, but hate intervened even between them.
Then goes a big confilct of love, friendship, feelings and the line between good and evil, between clear mind and madness is almost gone.
A story about enclosed lies, where feelings and emotions are hiding. Explosion of all this might be unpredictable...


"The Stranger"

„Stranger" is a story about human desire to find one’s roots at any price, to come back to the ancestry land ...

The main character is an American Mike Gordinas who seems to have everything in his life. He is a successful journalist, he writes editorials for the prestige Chicago magazines, his girlfriend is a stunning beauty Claudia. And one day Mike’s future plans are turned upside down when he receives documents confirming that he is a legal successor of his grandfather’s land and manor that are somewhere in the end of the world, at a small town of Salantai in Lithuania. Nobody is able to talk Mike away from the idea to go to his grandfather’s home land.


"Apple-tree Road Murders"

In a small town in the state of Vermont a feral murder was commited twenty years ago. A beautiful fifteen year old girl Laura shot and killed both her mother and father. it was the storm, it was said, that drove her mad.

After twenty years a young couple have unknowingly bought the old murder house, and have engaged, again unknowingly, the same Laura, just released from twenty years in the state's mental institutions, as their baby-sitter, just the night a giant electrical storm is brewing...


"Bad Eskimos"

A bus going to Anchorage town in Central Alaska crashes and flies off the road miles away. Before totally blacking out one of the passengers, blurry sees a creature half bear and half human gently touching her face and then leaving the bus with the dead body over his shoulder.

With the light of the morning sun we see, that not many have survived the crash. Some of them had left looking for help. Others after sunset get attacked by same creatures with bear masks, which according to local legend, are Eskimos, who had run away from one of Alaska town’s community. The legend tells that one of them was stitched up for a murder, but with the help of his wife ran away. And since then they are wondering all around that area.
Some of accident victims have their own secrets. Therefore survivors have to face not only the cannibal Eskimos, but also each other’s savagery.
Is there gonna be at least one, who escapes one’s destiny?


"Positive I.D."

During the stormy night two men get into car accident. By accident they are found by paramedics. They take them to out-of-the-way hospital, which is supposed to be opened just in a week. During the storm the power switches off, telephone lines do not work. The hospital becomes separated from civilization.
Tiny hospital personnel are imprisoned with two mystery survivors, who both tell different stories about what have happened. The biggest riddle becomes the fact that one of them was found cuffed to a car door. Which one of them is a cold-blooded murder and which one of them is a federal agent?
The violent storm traps all story characters for the whole night in a distant provincial hospital. The hunting begins and it is no longer clear who hunts whom ...


"Blood Brother"

 Mike had a car crash which killed his beautiful pregnant wife Barbara. Thinking of this mysterious disaster only confused him. Some time later he had a phone call from his sister telling that his mother had just passed away. But in fact his mother died twenty three years ago and he never had a sister. But he’d have to check it out.
The first thing he saw when he arrived at his native village was his mother’s casket, surrounded by women chanting in a strange language. When he saw his so-called sister Diane, he was stunned: she was identical to Barbara his dead wife. Then Mike had a phone call from his father who gave a desperate warning – "leave now while you still can!". Strange things began to happen of the next few days. Determined to find the truth Mike started having strange flashbacks from his childhood: the unknown uncle who arrived one day never to be seen again, the night his father took him away from home, warning him not to look at the moon, the women naked and sweaty dancing around the fires.
What haunted him the most was his own feelings towards his sister. Day by day he was falling deeper in love with her until, he could no longer resist and plunged into this forbidden vortex. For this taboo he will pay dearly. Now he will learn the dark secrets of the past that will change his destiny forever...


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